HSC - March 2015 Exam

Std. XII - Commerce

Subject: Information Technology

Max. Marks: 80

Paper ID: Q41

Seat No. : __________

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Q.1 Fill in the Blanks: [10 marks]

1. _________ tag has co-ordinates and shape of clickable area. Answer-: <area>
2. In __________________ style sheet we can use style element as an attribute of any tag. Answer-: inline
3. To create a dropdown list in HTML __________ tag is used. Answer-: <select>
4. _______ must obey ethics and laws while developing their software. Answer-: Computer Professional
5. __________ is the protection that covers original work. Answer-: Copyright
6. In traditional marketing focus is __________ oriented. Answer-: product
7. The network, which interconnects multiple station over a very small area is called ______________ Answer-: LAN
8. A combination of star and bus topology is _______ topology. Answer-: Tree
9. When several records in one table are related to several records in another table is called ___________ relationships. Answer-: Many to Many
10. __________ is a statement of assets and liabilities. Answer-: Balance Sheet

Q.2 True or False: [10 marks]

1. Mozilla Firefox is an example of web servers. Answer-: FALSE
2. Public domain software are non-copyrighted program, which are free and can be used without restriction. Answer-: TRUE
3. To use shareware product it is not necessary to registered it. Answer-: FALSE
4. Conversion of data into coded format is encryption. Answer-: TRUE
5. Search comes under execution phase of Trade Cycle. Answer-: FALSE
6. Point-to-Point communication is defined in the physical and data link layers of the OSI protocol stack. Answer-: TRUE
7. Each column of table is related to other because they all contain same type of information. Answer-: FALSE
8. Delete query adds records to table. Answer-: FALSE
9. F1 option is used to open existing company. Answer-: TRUE
10. User can select more than one company at a time. Answer-: TRUE

Q.3 A Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. _______________ element is used to check one option at a time. Answer-: a
a) RadioSpaceb) Menu
c) ListSpaced) checked

2. The specific areas mapped within an image are known a ________ which acts as a link. Answer-: a
a) hotspotSpaceb) hyperlink
c) hypertextSpaced) hypermedia

3. A web ____________ is a software program that runs on a networked computer. Answer-: a
a) serverSpaceb) peripheral
c) siteSpaced) page

4. _________ tag is used for playing background sound files. Answer-: a
a) <bgsound>Spaceb) <background sound>
c) a and b bothSpaced) <img bgsound>

5. In ___________ type of <input> tag allows multiple selection. Answer-: b
a) radioSpaceb) checkbox
c) textSpaced) <option>

6. When a software is pirated, it harms __________ Answer-: c
a) management Spaceb) developer
c) professionalSpaced) user

7. ___________ means the official Gazette published in the electronic form. Answer-: a
a) Electronic GazetteSpaceb) Electronic record
c) Electronic formSpaced) all of above

8. Search and _____________ comes under presale phase of trade cycle. Answer-: d
a) orderSpaceb) aftersales
c) deliverSpaced) negotiate

9. EDI stands for ___________ Answer-: b
a) Electronic Data InterfaceSpaceb) Electronic Data Interchange
c) Electronic Data InterferenceSpaced) Electronic Data Information

10. _____________ is fully product oriented commerce. Answer-: a
a) Traditional CommerceSpaceb) E-Commerce
c) M-CommerceSpaced) Technical Commerce

Q.3 B Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. _________ is a network protocol. Answer-: d
a) ATPSpaceb) ABR
c) JNKSpaced) TCP/IP

2. ISO stands for _________ Answer-: d
a) Internal Organization for StandardizationSpaceb) International Organ for Standardization
c) International Object for StandardizationSpaced) International Organization for Standardization

3. ________ are used to provide connection for cables. Answer-: b
a) hubSpaceb) connector
c) modemSpaced) node

4. A pathway to transfer data in network is _________ Answer-: b
a) modemSpaceb) transmission media
c) multiplexerSpaced) router

5. IN MS-Access _________ type of query total up the items of the selected group. Answer-: b
a) SumSpaceb) Aggregrate
c) AppendSpaced) Count

6. The _________ property can be set to a table name or query name. Answer-: d
a) RecordsetSpaceb) Caption
c) Auto centerSpaced) Record Source

7. Based on criteria ____________ is used to retrieve information from the database. Answer-: b
a) formSpaceb) query
c) questionSpaced) window

8. IN Tally _____ key is used for sales order creation. Answer-: c
a) Alt+F4Spaceb) Alt+F7
c) Alt+F5Spaced) Alt+F10

9. In ____ debit side total always matches with credit side total. Answer-: b
a) JournalSpaceb) Balance Sheet
c) LedgerSpaced) Cost Centre

10. In Tally business owners ledger A/c comes under _________ group. Answer-: b
a) InvestmentSpaceb) Capital
c) CashSpaced) Expenses

Q.4 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 2 Answers): [10 marks]

1. In CSS valid properties are ____________ ____________ Answer-: b c
a) Font-colorSpaceb) Font-Family
c) colorSpaced) align
Spacee) bgcolor

2. Access database is made up of different types of objects like ___________ Answer-: a b
a) TablesSpaceb) Reports
c) FieldSpaced) record
Spacee) row

3. In business to consumer model ______________ Answer-: a c
a) Customer identifies a need.Spaceb) Online auction
c) Select vendor and negotiates priceSpaced) Online trading
Spacee) increase

4. Types of hub Answer-: c d
a) ExternalSpaceb) Internal
c) ActiveSpaced) Intelligent
Spacee) Physical

5. Current asset group includes following subgroups. Answer-: d e
a) provisionsSpaceb) stock
c) purchaseSpaced) deposits
Spacee) bank A/c

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 3 Answers): [6 marks]

1. Three types of trade cycle are _________________ Answer-: a c e
a) CreditSpaced) Repeat
b) debitSpacee) Continuous
c) CashSpacef) Online

2. Current Assets group includes following subgroups: Answer-: a b c
a) DepositsSpaced) Stock
b) Bank AccountsSpacee) Assets
c) ProvisionsSpacef) Furniture

Q.6 Rearrange the Following: [4 marks]

1. Rearrange the following HTML code to apply css using external style sheet Answer-: debgfca
a) </body> </html>
b) <link rel=stylesheet type=text/css href=style.css>
c) <h2> This is heading style example </h2>
d) <html>
e) <head><title>External CSS</title>
f) <body>
g) </head>
Answer: _____________________________

2. Rearrange the following steps to start Tally. Answer-: bdac
a) Click on Tally icon.
b) Click on the Start button.
c) Gateway of Tally will appear on the screen.
d) Click on the program.
Answer: _____________________________

Q.7 Short Q. Answers: [10 marks]

1. Define the term Cyber Law. Why the need of Cyber law arises? Or What is Cyber Law
2. Write disadvantages of Electronic Market (E-Market).
3. Explain Contra Voucher.

Q.8 Write Program: [10 marks]

1. Write html code to divide browser window into two vertical sections. Divide left section into three horizontal sections.
2. Create web page with heading "Select your Date of Birth". Display three drop down lists. First should be used to select Day, second should be used to select month and third should be used to select year. Display indication as Day, Month and Year in front of each list. Give 3 options under each list. Place button GO to submit details to the server.