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HSC - March 2017 Exam

Std. XII - Science

Subject: Information Technology

Max. Marks: 80

Paper ID: P41

Seat No. : __________

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Q.1 Fill in the Blanks: [10 marks]

1. The ______________ positioning defines the exact pixel value. Answer-: absolute
2. HTTP stands for ______________________ Answer-: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
3. _______________ is the default value of scrolling attribute in frames. Answer-: auto
4. __________ is the art of determining what is right and wrong and then doing the right thing. Answer-: Ethics
5. _______ refers to all the activities with criminal intention in cyber space. Answer-: Cyber Crime
6. __________ means online selling and buying. Answer-: E-Commerce
7. In JavaScript, ________ event handler executes code when the mouse button is pressed on the document. Answer-: onmousedown()
8. ___________ Script are part of page and sent to the browser. Answer-: Client Side
9. Application directives specify optional application specific setting used by the _______ parser when processing. Answer-: ASP.NET
10. __________ option is used to filter the records based on condition. Answer-: Criteria

Q.2 True or False: [10 marks]

1. Class Selector is defined by period (.) in CSS. Answer-: TRUE
2. Linux is public domain software. Answer-: FALSE
3. Justice indicates to treat each person on equal share basis. Answer-: TRUE
4. EDI stands for Electronic Data Interface. Answer-: FALSE
5. Online auction is common example of C2C model. Answer-: TRUE
6. The window.alert() displays message in a dialog box along with OK and CANCEL button. Answer-: FALSE
7. The SERVER_PORT argument of ServerVariables collection gets the Server port number to which the request was sent. Answer-: TRUE
8. The HTTP_HOST argument of ServerVariables collection returns the name of the webserver. Answer-: TRUE
9. SQL provides a high level of security than MS-Access. Answer-: TRUE
10. Where clause is available for query conditions on data from table. Answer-: TRUE

Q.3 A Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. In ___________ type of <input> tag allows multiple selection. Answer-: b
a) radioSpaceb) checkbox
c) textSpaced) <option>

2. The specific areas mapped within an image are known a ________ which acts as a link. Answer-: a
a) hotspotSpaceb) hyperlink
c) hypertextSpaced) hypermedia

3. ______________ attribute specifies the amount of white space to be left at the top of frame. Answer-: c
a) heightSpaceb) width
c) marginheightSpaced) marginwidth

4. A target =__________ will cause the link to always load in the same window. Answer-: c
a) _parentSpaceb) _blank
c) _selfSpaced) _top

5. ___________________ are used to create imaginary sections of browser screen. Answer-: b
a) FormSpaceb) Frames
c) InputSpaced) Select

6. Unauthorized duplication of software is known as ____________ Answer-: b
a) computer programmingSpaceb) software piracy
c) unauthorized accessSpaced) Cyber space

7. _________ software allows user to use, copy and distribute it with modification free of cost, but copyright is with author. Answer-: a
a) FreewareSpaceb) Public Domain
c) SharewareSpaced) Non-Freeware

8. Online trading, free launching with website are example of _______ model. Answer-: c
a) B2BSpaceb) B2C
c) C2BSpaced) C2C

9. ___________ comes before the negotiate in trade cycle. Answer-: c
a) orderSpaceb) payment
c) searchSpaced) a and b both

Q.3 B Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. The button object has the following event handler. Answer-: c
a) mouse outSpaceb) onmouseup
c) onblurSpaced) mouseover

2. ____________ method of Date object in JavaScript returns the month in number. Answer-: c
a) month()Spaceb) monthname()
c) getmonth()Spaced) monthnumber()

3. _________ event handler executes when a mouse button is pressed. Answer-: c
a) onMouseMoveSpaceb) onMousepress
c) onMousedownSpaced) onMouseUp

4. When variable is declared within procedure is known as ___________ Answer-: a
a) local variableSpaceb) global variable
c) main variableSpaced) home variable

5. Common Language Runtime works as a layer between Operating Systems and the applications written in .NET languages that confirms to the ___________ Answer-: c
a) Common Language RuntimeSpaceb) Framework Class Library
c) Common Language SpecificationSpaced) Framework

6. The ___________ control is used to as html <img> element. Answer-: d
a) HtmlButtonSpaceb) HtmlAnchor
c) HtmlFormSpaced) HtmlImage

7. The _________ class handles user input through keyboard and pointing devices. Answer-: b
a) PropertiesSpaceb) Control
c) ViewSpaced) Solution

8. The __________ statement is used to handle queries through ASP. Answer-: b
a) querySpaceb) select
c) queSpaced) forms

9. _______ are collection of facts, unorganized but able to be organized into useful information. Answer-: a
a) dataSpaceb) information
c) fieldsSpaced) records

10. In MS-Access ______ data type is used to insert sequential numbers automatically. Answer-: c
a) TextSpaceb) Number
c) AutonumberSpaced) currency

Q.4 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 2 Answers): [10 marks]

1. To add video file on the webpage tags used are _______ __________ Answer-: c e
a) <background>Spaceb) <image>
c) <embed>Spaced) <bgsound>
Spacee) <img dynsrc>

2. The System.Web.namespace supplies _________ and _________ that enables browser-server communication. Answer-: b c
a) MethodsSpaceb) Classes
c) InterfacesSpaced) Objects
Spacee) Event

3. Disadvantage of E-Commerce are ________________ and ______________ Answer-: b c
a) distribution deliverySpaceb) problem of controlling privacy and security
c) new technologySpaced) high price
Spacee) low price

4. Following are the events/event handlers of submit object. Answer-: b d
a) onChange()Spaceb) onClick()
c) onDrag()Spaced) onFocus()
Spacee) Action()

5. The ________ and _________ objects are combined to perform data access and data manipulation operations in OLEDB Answer-: b c
a) data sourceSpaceb) dataset
c) OLEDB data adaptorSpaced) connection
Spacee) ADO connection

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 3 Answers): [6 marks]

1. Following are the Events Handlers used fo button object ____________ Answer-: c d f
a) onChangeSpaced) onMouseUp
b) onDragSpacee) onMouseBreak
c) onClickSpacef) onMouseover

2. Three types of crosstab queries are : Answer-: a c e
a) sumSpaced) update
b) deleteSpacee) count
c) averageSpacef) append

Q.6 Rearrange the Following: [4 marks]

1. Rearrange the following Answer-: cegbdfa
a) </html>
b) <p>Enter your name:<input type=text name=myname></p>
c) <html>
d) <input type=submit value=submit>
e) <body>
f) </form></body>
g) <form method=post action=second.asp>
Answer: _____________________________

2. Rearrange the following JavaScript code Answer-: abgcdef
a) <html> <body> <script language=JavaScript>
b) var num, fact=1;
c) do { fact = fact*num;
d) num=num+1;
e) } while (num>0)
f) alert (fact); </script> </body> </html>
g) num=parseInt(prompt("Enter number"));
Answer: _____________________________

Q.7 Short Q. Answers: [10 marks]

1. Define the term Moral, Ethics and Law
2. Explain the term EDI? Or What is EDI?
3. Explain Forms and Reports in MS-Access.

Q.8 Write Program: [10 marks]

1. Write html code to display a text Information Technology having font size 36, apply dotted border to the text and border color effect using CSS.
2. Write A JavaScript porogram to swap two numbers