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HSC - March 2018 Exam

Std. XII - Science

Subject: Information Technology

Max. Marks: 80

Paper ID: Y63

Seat No. : __________

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Q.1 Fill in the Blanks: [10 marks]

1. HTTP stands for ______________________ Answer-: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
2. ________________ attribute is used along with <img> tag to specify the name of a video file in html. Answer-: dynsrc
3. Target = ________________ will open a link in top frame of the browser window. Answer-: _top
4. ______ means the key of a key pair used to verify a digital signature and listed in the Digital Signature Certificate. Answer-: Public key
5. Ethical principal based on _________ value. Answer-: moral
6. The __________ model facilitates the online transactions of goods & services between two people. Answer-: Consumer to Consumer or C2C
7. The ____________ property of navigator object retrieves the code name of the Clients browser. Answer-: appcodename
8. The ________ property of Navigator object retrieves the name of the clients Browser. Answer-: appname
9. CLS stands for ________ Answer-: Common Language Specifications
10. In _________ relationship a field in one table is associated with more than one fields in another table. Answer-: One to many

Q.2 True or False: [10 marks]

1. A text field is most common field on a form. Answer-: TRUE
2. Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished work. Answer-: TRUE
3. Once law is implemented in the organization, then it is binding to the employee to follow it. Answer-: TRUE
4. Firewall, ACL and Password are security issues. Answer-: FALSE
5. In E-commerce scope is local. Answer-: FALSE
6. The window.confirm() displays message in a dialog box along with OK and CANCEL button. Answer-: TRUE
7. The BinaryWrite method writes a string a binary characters to the HTTP output stream. Answer-: TRUE
8. The Htmlbutton control is used to programmatically control as the html <button> element. Answer-: TRUE
9. Reports can be generated from tables and queries. Answer-: TRUE
10. The defaults primary key added in MS-Access is ID. Answer-: TRUE

Q.3 A Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. _____________ value of method attribute sends information to the server. Answer-: a
a) postSpaceb) submit
c) formSpaced) none of these

2. To create floating frames or inline frameson webpage __________________ tag is used. Answer-: b
a) <frame>Spaceb) <iframe>
c) <frameset>Spaced) <frame>

3. A target =__________ will cause the link to be loaded always in a new blank window. Answer-: b
a) _parentSpaceb) _blank
c) _selfSpaced) _top

4. Class selector is defined b y a ___________ sign Answer-: a
a) .Spaceb) #
c) &Spaced) :

5. Method and ____________ are the attributes of <form> tag. Answer-: a
a) actionSpaceb) post
c) getSpaced) send

6. To determine what is right and wrong and then doing the right things is called as ________ Answer-: b
a) moralSpaceb) ethics
c) lawSpaced) patent

7. ________ __ indicates rules and regulations to be obeyed in the organization. Answer-: b
a) ethicsSpaceb) law
c) moralSpaced) privacy

8. SSL means ____________ Answer-: c
a) Socket Server LayoutSpaceb) Socket Server Layer
c) Secure Socket LayerSpaced) Server Secure Layer

9. Online auction is example of _________ model. Answer-: d
a) B2BSpaceb) B2C
c) C2BSpaced) C2C

10. OLX and eBay are the examples of _________ business model. Answer-: d
a) B2BSpaceb) B2C
c) C2BSpaced) C2C

Q.3 B Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. __________ property of window object displays message into the status bar. Answer-: a
a) statusSpaceb) alert
c) writeSpaced) status bar

2. The _________ object retrives information about the browser of the websites visitor. Answer-: d
a) windwoSpaceb) location
c) documentSpaced) navigator

3. _______ event occurs when the user clicks on a link or a form element. Answer-: d
a) focusSpaceb) load
c) changeSpaced) click

4. __________ method in JavaScript converts the string into the number. Answer-: c
a) convert()Spaceb) cInt
c) parseInt()Spaced) NaN()

5. The __________ window is used to edit and vview file, project & solution properties. Answer-: a
a) PropertiesSpaceb) Class
c) ObjectSpaced) Solutionh

6. The _____________ argument of ServerVariables collection returns the name of the host making the request. Answer-: d

7. The .Net Framework provides a runtime environment called __________ Answer-: a
a) Common Language RuntimeSpaceb) Framework Class Library
c) Common Language SpecificationsSpaced) Framework

8. In MS-Access, the logical expression for a query is specified in the ________ of the query window. Answer-: a
a) tableSpaceb) field
c) showSpaced) criteria

9. DDL stands for ___________ Answer-: d
a) Data Development LanguageSpaceb) Data Driven Language
c) Driven Definition LanguageSpaced) Data Definition Language

10. _________ database System is generally used for multi-user computer systems. Answer-: a
a) SQLSpaceb) Access
c) APSSpaced) QBE

Q.4 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 2 Answers): [10 marks]

1. Types of CSS in html are _______________ _____________ Answer-: a b
a) InternalSpaceb) inline
c) embeddedSpaced) Extended
Spacee) export

2. Following are the ASP.NET Programming languages. Answer-: a c
a) VB.NETSpaceb) MVC
c) Visual C#Spaced) Web Forms
Spacee) C#

3. EDI includes forms for __________ and ______________ Answer-: a c
a) invoiceSpaceb) stock
c) purchase orderSpaced) documents
Spacee) sales order

4. The properties of document object are __________ Answer-: a d
a) titleSpaceb) write
c) bgcolourSpaced) URL
Spacee) fgcolor

5. _________ and ___________ are the objects of MS-Access Answer-: c d
a) recordsetSpaceb) connection
c) tablesSpaced) query
Spacee) record setup

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 3 Answers): [6 marks]

1. Event handler for Textbox element is ____________ Answer-: a b c
a) onblur()Spaced) onmouseup()
b) onfocus()Spacee) onMouse()
c) onclickSpacef) onkeyleft()

2. ADO objects are ________ Answer-: b c d
a) DSNSpaced) record
b) connectionSpacee) DCL
c) commandSpacef) report

Q.6 Rearrange the Following: [4 marks]

1. Rearrange the following Answer-: gabfdec
a) <body bgcolor=pink>
b) <img src=clouds.jpg usemap=#name1>
c) </body></html>
d) <area shape=rect coords=100,150,200,20 href=page1.htm>
e) </map>
f) <map name=name1>
g) <html>
Answer: _____________________________

2. Find the square of a number Answer-: abghefdci
a) <html><head>
b) <title>square no</title></head><body>
c) </script></body>
d) alert("square is" + s);
e) i=parseInt(prompt("Enter a no.");
f) s=i*i;
g) <script language=JavaScript>
h) var i, s;
i) </html>
Answer: _____________________________

Q.7 Short Q. Answers: [10 marks]

1. Differentiate/Explain between Shareware, Freeware and Public Domain Software.
2. Write disadvantages of Electronic Market (E-Market).
3. Explain the types of Relationships.

Q.8 Write Program: [10 marks]

1. Design Personal Information from in html that accepts Name, age, Address, Current status as Working or Non working and Educational Qualification, buttons should be provided for clearing and submitting data.
2. Write an event driven JavaScript code to convert value of textbox to Uppercase.