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HSC - March 20 Exam

Std. XII - Science

Subject: Information Technology

Max. Marks: 80

Paper ID: N17

Seat No. : __________

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Q.1 Fill in the Blanks: [10 marks]

1. ________________ attribute is used along with <img> tag to specify the name of a video file in html. Answer-: dynsrc
2. ____________ tag is used to insert an image in web page. Answer-: <img>
3. ________ attribute of <img> tag is used with Server Side Image Maps. Answer-: ismap
4. _________ is an organizational concern. Answer-: security
5. Freely downloadable software with unlimited usage is called _________ Answer-: Freeware
6. The __________ model facilitates the online transactions of goods & services between two people. Answer-: Consumer to Consumer or C2C
7. _________ function convert string into floating point number. Answer-: parseFloat()
8. _______ stands for Not a number. Answer-: NaN
9. The ___________ is a software technology that is accessible with latest Microsoft windows operating system. Answer-: NET Framework
10. Sorting of data is done by using ___________ clause of the select statement. Answer-: Order BY

Q.2 True or False: [10 marks]

1. Target =_blank will open the page in new blank window. Answer-: TRUE
2. To use shareware product it is not necessary to registered it. Answer-: FALSE
3. Once law is implemented in the organization, then it is binding to the employee to follow it. Answer-: TRUE
4. Firewall, ACL and Password are security issues. Answer-: FALSE
5. Firewall is a security procedure. Answer-: TRUE
6. The onmousedown event occurs when the user presses a mouse button. Answer-: TRUE
7. The Checkbox control creates multi selection checkbox group. Answer-: TRUE
8. The HTTP_VERSION argument of ServerVariables collection returns the name and version of request protocol. Answer-: TRUE
9. Recordset object represents a single row returned form database. Answer-: FALSE
10. The insert into statement is used to insert a new row in a table. Answer-: TRUE

Q.3 A Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. _______________ attribute specifies unique name to floating frame. Answer-: a
a) nameSpaceb) src
c) noresizeSpaced) scrolling

2. _____________ is not a browser. Answer-: c
a) Netscape NavigatorSpaceb) Mozilla Firefox
c) Windows ExplorerSpaced) Internet Explorer

3. To set default value to textbox of the form ____________ attribute is used. Answer-: c
a) sizeSpaceb) name and target
c) valueSpaced) checked

4. Default scrolling value in <frame> is ________ Answer-: c
a) NoSpaceb) Yes
c) AutoSpaced) Off

5. The __________ property gives size to the text. Answer-: a
a) font-sizeSpaceb) font-style
c) font-typeSpaced) font-family

6. ________ software allows for anyone to use, copy and distribute it with modifications free of cost. Answer-: a
a) FreewareSpaceb) Shareware
c) Public domainSpaced) on freeware

7. __________ is a person who is intended for the originator to receive the electronic record. Answer-: b
a) AccessSpaceb) Addressee
c) userSpaced) system analyst

8. SSL means ____________ Answer-: c
a) Socket Server LayoutSpaceb) Socket Server Layer
c) Secure Socket LayerSpaced) Server Secure Layer

9. Invoices and payment are __________ phase of Internet trade cycle. Answer-: b
a) aftersalesSpaceb) settlement
c) presaleSpaced) executed

10. Online trading, free launching with website are example of _______ model. Answer-: c
a) B2BSpaceb) B2C
c) C2BSpaced) C2C

Q.3 B Multiple Choice Questions (Select 1 Answer): [10 marks]

1. The _________ object retrives information about the browser of the websites visitor. Answer-: d
a) windwoSpaceb) location
c) documentSpaced) navigator

2. When the user moves the pointer ovver a hypertext link, __________ event occurs. Answer-: b
a) mouseoutSpaceb) mouseover
c) loadSpaced) unload

3. Methods of date objects in JavaScript are ________ Answer-: b
a) setYear()Spaceb) getMonth()
c) getweek()Spaced) Month()

4. __________ method of date object gives the day of the month for the current date object as integer. Answer-: b
a) GetDay()Spaceb) getDate()
c) setDate()Spaced) All of the above

5. The _____________ argument of ServerVariables collection returns the IP Address of the remote host making request. Answer-: c

6. The ________ control represents a hidden field used to store a non-displayed value. Answer-: a
a) HiddenfieldSpaceb) Checkboxlist
c) TextcontrolSpaced) Box

7. CLR stands for __________ Answer-: a
a) Common Language RuntimeSpaceb) Casual Limit Runtime
c) Common Language RangeSpaced) Common Lesson Range

8. Any collection of related information grouped together as a single item is a _________ Answer-: c
a) recordSpaceb) field
c) databaseSpaced) table

9. _______ are collection of facts, unorganized but able to be organized into useful information. Answer-: a
a) dataSpaceb) information
c) fieldsSpaced) records

10. The _______ control uses SQL queries to perform data received. Answer-: a
a) Access Data SourceSpaceb) datarow
c) Data TableSpaced) Data column

Q.4 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 2 Answers): [10 marks]

1. Attributes of <iframe> tag. Answer-: a b
a) alignSpaceb) src
c) frameSpaced) noscrolling
Spacee) scroll

2. Following are the ASP.NET Development Tools. Answer-: b d
a) MVCSpaceb) Visual Web Developer
c) Visual C#Spaced) Web Matrix
Spacee) Web Pages

3. Which are the levels of security used in EDI? Answer-: d e
a) NetworkSpaceb) Structural
c) ObjectSpaced) Reduction
Spacee) Elimination

4. The properties of Radio object are _______ Answer-: a c
a) nameSpaceb) selected
c) checkedSpaced) text
Spacee) unselected

5. Select query includes _________ Answer-: b d
a) selectSpaceb) append
c) designSpaced) delete
Spacee) parameter

Q.5 Multiple Choice Questions (Select 3 Answers): [6 marks]

1. Valid attributes of <input type=text> are ___________________ Answer-: a c d
a) maxlengthSpaced) value
b) checkedSpacee) selected
c) sizeSpacef) textarea

2. Following are the three panes of Object Browser Answer-: b c d
a) View PaneSpaced) Descirption Pane
b) Object PaneSpacee) Display Pane
c) Members paneSpacef) Show Pane

Q.6 Rearrange the Following: [4 marks]

1. Rearrange the following Answer-: bfceadg
a) </iframe>
b) <html>
c) <p>This is an inline frame</p><br>
d) </body>
e) <iframe src="page1.html" width=400 height=200 scrolling=yes>
f) <body>
g) </html>
Answer: _____________________________

2. Arrange the proper sequence of the following Answer-: ciaebdhfg
a) <script language=JavaScript>
b) for(i=10; j<=11; j++)
c) <html>
d) document.write(j + " ");
e) var j;
f) </script>
g) </html>
h) </body>
i) <body>
Answer: _____________________________

Q.7 Short Q. Answers: [10 marks]

1. Explain IT act in brief.
2. Explain the term EDI? Or What is EDI?
3. Define HTML Server Controls and List any two.

Q.8 Write Program: [10 marks]

1. Write html code to display a text Mobile World having font size 24, background color red and blinking effect using CSS.
2. Write JavaScript code when user click on button, it will display sum of even numbers from 1 to 10.